Thursday 25 June 2015

Baby wipe mini book...

Welcome back to Stamps and Stencils, Ruth here with our next inspiration post and yes it does say baby wipe! I'm sure a lot of crafters will use baby wipes when creating but instead of throwing them all away, do you sometimes dry them and save them thinking that could make a nice background? A lot of mine are just plain grungy and dirty and discarded but sometimes they have possibilities...and in keeping with Julia's current theme I've created a mini book.

So how did I start?

All sorts of colours and all sorts of babywipes, I buy whats on offer so the quality varies.

Sometimes you can see the potential of a lovely background. I posted this one on my blog a while back, I used a JOFY set because they are quite an open stamp and coloured in with promarkers...carefully

So for this post I looked for another suitable background and found this one which I've again used JOFY stamps on.

I've turned it into a journal page which I stitched onto some photocopy paper, to give it some stability.

So with the 'fluffier' ones, I've stamped and stencilled and then ripped and layered!

I then stitched, randomly to secure the loose pieces. If you didn't want to do this you could use a spray adhesive and faux stitched stamping.

Once I started using the sewing machine I couldn't stop, wonky stitching which I excel at is perfect for this! 

I became more confident and thought these colours would be good for leaves so having sewed wavy lines one way, I stitched rough leaf shapes the other.

So this is my haul of ready made embellishments. You'll notice some hearts in there which is really where the inspiration for the post came from. It was our wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and I was looking around the craft room for inspiration and my eyes landed on the used baby wipes, so I created 2 baby wipe hearts and thought maybe I should explore this idea more.

Above is the original card and below I've added some more colour to the hearts I made this time around.

Having promised last time that this would be a quick post, I'm failing so I'd better get to the mini album.

There were 2 large leaves that were almost the same size. I cut 10 pieces of cotton paper in the same leaf shape. Cotton paper is a bit more sturdy.

On each leaf I used peeled paint and blue violet archival with various stamps and stencils. I then picked out some phrases to go on each one and embossed them in gold. You'll notice the back of the leaf cover is a lovely blue which is another bonus.

On the reverse of each page I used peeled paint and dusty concord through an Emma Godfrey stencil. It adds a little bit of colour but will also allow me to do some mini journalling if I want to.

Hope you enjoyed this inspiration post and if your wondering what I've made with the rest of my embellishments I'll be posting some cards on my blog later this week.

Don't forget you've got just under a week to join in with our current 'small is beautiful' challenge.


  1. This is absolutely brilliant, Ruth!

    I LOVE that tiny leaf booklet and the other stitched pieces! What a lovely idea!
    Claudia x

  2. AMAZING Ruth!!! I'll be turning out my bin now ! You have made some beautiful pieces . I love seeing how your mini book evolved . Thank you for sharing this with us .....truly inspirational !! X

  3. What a brilliant post. I have heard about crafters using baby wipes (and kitched roll) but never seen the end results. You pages and your little book are really inspired. Thanks so much....I will start to keepmy wipes and see if any are to look in my studio bin...LOL! x

  4. Fantastic Ruth! LOVE the mini book, this would be great on a key ring too....Mmmmmm there's an idea! Your cards are gorgeous the stamped images look amazing on the baby wipe background. Sue C x

  5. This is magical

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Oh this is so amazing clever, brilliant and such a totally fab idea! I totally adore the wedding anniversary card with the two hearts too, suh an inspirational post, thank you!!!

  7. What a brilliant idea and you have achieved some stunning results. Note to self don't throw used baby wipes away ever again
    Amanda x

  8. Oh! You have me heading for my stack of used babywipes -this really is something I want to try! Chrisx

  9. This is lovely and such a neat idea Ruth. My babywipes might just be ok for the grungiest of grunge, lol! I really love the card you made for your anniversary too.

    Lesley Xx

  10. Great work - absolut brilliant what you do with your baby wipes Ruth!

  11. Fantastic idea Ruth....I do throw them away so that won't happen again now!
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  12. Love ,love this Ruth, I have been up and down many times to see it all again and again. Your vipes have such beautiful colours, and the pages you made with them are beautiful. Ofcourse I also adore the tiny book. xo, Dorthe

  13. How creative, I love leaves of any type so these are perfection in my book....and in yours.
    You make me wish I could sew. Thanks for sharing

  14. What a fantastic idea! Everything looks lovely, especially the sewn ones.
    I am kicking myself for all the baby wipes I have throw away now.

  15. Genius! Ruth you are simply a creative Genius!!! Gonna have to do some bin diving now. And just when it seemed at least some scraps could go in there and stay put... Jenny x

  16. Love this! I collected my stained/painted/rusted baby wipes for nearly a year at one point, thinking to do something with them. Threw them all out in a cleaning fit one day. Now I'm wishing I hadn't. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Super clever idea. This is creative recycling at its very best. Just went digging through my garbage and have some bright ideas roaming around in my head thanks to you.

  18. Your posts are never too long, they are always so interesting and just full of inspiration! I love what you did with the baby wipes - I can see I will be using mine more carefully in future as I want to try this idea so much.... Anne xx

  19. This is fabulous!!! Wonderful recycling, especially as the result is VERY beautiful (and not easy to get this result regarding the support!) Coco xx

  20. Wow! I always feel a little sad chucking baby wipes that are full and vibrant, gonna have to keep them and try some techniques!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! xx

  21. Fabulous, Ruth! My used baby wipes always look muddy and dirty!

  22. Wow! This is just brilliant Ruth! I just couldn't believe my eyes when you said baby wipe mini! This is mind blowing and what a lovely way to use up all those mopped up wipes! I wonder how you make them so colorful.

  23. Such an inspiring post, Ruth - full of creativity and beauty - brilliant!
    Alison x

  24. Wow totally fantastic technique, I love the stitching, I also excel at wonky stitching lol. Happy Art 😀 Kezzy xxx

  25. Incredible, Ruth! Love all the details on the pages, and those covers are so beautiful..... what a great project!! xxx Lynn

  26. Oh, you work is so special, fantasticly! Ulrike