Thursday 20 August 2015

Glazing, drippage and rust !

Hello and welcome to today’s Inspirational Post ! It’s Sue here and today I’m sharing a journal page that was inspired by the wonderful Donna Downey. I’ve had some of Donna’s stencils in my sticky mits for a while and not had chance to have a play so today is the day !

For this journal page I’ve used the wonderful Donna Downey paintbrush stencil and started with Grunge Paste over a Gessoed page. 

Once the paste was dry I used with London Bus Fresco Finish paint mixed with acrylic satin glazing fluid and using my finger rubbed it over the page.

I then used Tango and Blue Glass Fresco Finish paints and did the same thing, leaving the colours on the page for a minute or so before taking a baby wipe and wiping it back. 

It leaves just a hint of the colours behind, but I love this, and it’s starting to look like the kind of artist palette I had in mind. 

Now as it was an artist palette that my thoughts were following I wanted to have lots of drips and having recently dabbled with Clear Tar Gel, which you can see here, so I reached for it again. I mixed the gel separately with Tango, London Bus and Blue Glass and then dripped it over the page, standing the book upright to encourage it to run down the page. The gel takes a little time to dry so I left the book over night as I didn’t want to use a heat gun on it. 

I wanted to add more depth so next up was Golden’s Payne’s Grey, not at all grey but this wonderful rich, deep blue! It was mixed with the glazing fluid and painted over the whole page.

After a minute or so I then wiped it back with a baby wipe, the hints of the darker blue are caught in the texture of the Grunge Paste and the layers of colour are now blending and creating depth. 

I still felt that there was more needed so I first of all sanded the Grunge Paste making the brushes look a little more shabby then reached for Slate Fresco Finish paint and again mixed it with the glazing fluid but only painted it around the paint brushes this time. It was left for a minute then wiped back, now I was a lot happier ! 

I’d decided to tie this page into the current challenge here at Stamps and Stencils which is Time Flies and one of the things that Donna encourages is to use what you already have. So, looking at the bits and pieces strewn all over my work space I spotted some die cuts that I had intended to use on another project but changed my mind. The clocks are die cut from Claudine Hellmuth’s sticky back canvas which is stuck to the Heavy Smoothy card. I’d also zipped around the edges with my sewing machine, so there was lots of texture already, but I wanted more ! I used Grunge Paste again and patted it on to the clocks using a metal spatula to create a stippled effect. I wanted the clocks to have a rusted, forgotten look to them so first of all painted them with Golden Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold. 

Next up was Burnt Umber Light which was starting to give me the finish I was after. To add some depth I used Raw Umber and now I was quite happy ! 

I didn’t want to add too much more at this point as I wanted the brushes and drips to still be visible, but I needed some words and reflecting on what I wanted to achieve on this page I came to the conclusion that my time had been well spent, so that was what I used ! In true Donna style I looked around at what I could use up and saw some off cuts of the card covered with sticky back canvas (I’d forgotten how useful this stuff is!). I die cut the letters using the Tim Holtz Block Talk Lower Case die and then used the Golden colours I'd used on the clock to paint them.

There was one last thing that happened by accident. I hadn’t wiped up the mess I’d made with the Clear Tar Gel and it had dried overnight and the result is coloured skins ! These were in all sorts of shapes but perfect for adding that ‘splodge’ of paint effect. 

This page was more about my enjoyment than anything else but being able to have some precious time to play and achieving an end result I’m happy with is definitely ‘Time Well Spent!’

The current challenge of ‘Time Flies’ still has a couple of weeks to go so you have plenty of time to join us, and I hope you find that your time is well spent too !




  1. Love this Sue... The stencil is fab and love the messy splodgy paint! Love how the process and words all fit so well together. X

  2. This is fantastic! I just got some tar gel (wonder who enabled that!!) and made some clear drips last night.. finally dry, can't wait to play with them again later. But your paint drippages are gorgeous, and the splats fabulous.

  3. Awesome journal page...loved seeing your journey through the page...

  4. Oooooh.....absolutely brilliant page, love, love love this!!! Drips and splats and rust equals perfect to me. Great steps and awesome result in the layout. Ruth xx

  5. Looks like a lot of fun to try.. Thank you for sharing how you did it

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Fabulous and those drips are brilliant to use x

  7. All the mess...and what a brilliant result! Loved the page and enjoyed your post Sue.

  8. Fantastic pages and post, will have to find out about Clear Tar Gel.
    Yvonne xx

  9. what a cool idea sue - love it and thanks for showing the step by step xx

  10. Time definitely well spent - the layered glazing creates such a fabulous background over the gesso texture (yum to Paynes Grey - maybe my all time favourite after Smalt Hue!!) - and the Clear Tar Gel drippage and splattage is beyond cool. Great step-out too, thank you.
    Alison xx

  11. That looks like sooooo much fun! Fabulous paint finishes on this lovely journal spread. Love the glazing and clear tar gel effects, I've never used this but will be keeping my eyes open for it. The rusting on the clock is also fabulous. Thank you for Sharing Sue x

  12. Fabulous Sue, amazing textures from the tar gel, I've some lurking in my stash so must break it out and revisit that medium. Your glazed colour layers are beautiful and the rust effect on your clock faces perfect, thanks so much for sharing your techniques and this amazing journal page! Deb xo

  13. Oh, Sue, I love your clocks with that fantastic faux rust! And your background is so fun! Lot's of new products here; so happy you stepped this out for us! Thank you for sharing!

  14. So interesting to see how you created this fabulous journal page. Great quote as well

  15. What a fun and great way to create these gorgeous pages!!! Thanks for great the step-by-step! Coco x

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