Thursday 18 May 2017

Fabric Covered Tag Book Tutorial

Hi everyone!  Autumn with you today to share a simple substrate concept with you.  I hope you will be inspired by this tutorial to participate in our current challenge, Fabric and Fibres.

To start cut several chipboard tags to form the inner pages.  I used the size of 7 x 3 1/2".  Next cut two cover tags 1/4" larger than the page tags.  Adhered fleece (cotton batting works well too) with Beacon 3-1 adhesive to one side of each cover tag.

Trim the excess flush with the tag's perimeter.

To form nicely mitered corners, start by adhering the cut off sections of your tag.  Next do the opposite side, the bottom.  Working in opposites helps with keep the fabric taut.

Trim away excess fabric and fold in any edges before adhering.  Snip away any loose fabric as you go.  I try to keep the glue within a half inch around the tag.

Once both tags are covered nicely, cut a sheet of designer paper slightly smaller than your covers and adhere completely with the same glue.  Burnish the paper well so you cover all of the seams.  Punch holes at the top and attach a ring to bind everything together.

The pages and cover are ready to alter with your stamps and stencils in whatever theme you choose.

You can easily remove the tags to work with and add them back to your book.  The plush cover feels great in your hands and is nice and thick with the batting.  I hope you will follow my blog to see this project evolve from substrate to art.  Thanks so much for joining me today!


  1. I like the textured linen look of the fabric and will follow, with interest, to see what evolves on the tags.

  2. Very cool. Can't wait to see how this turns out! Also, your fiber mix is beautiful!

  3. Fantastic tutorial Autumn and such a beautiful result! x

  4. Such a fun idea and great tutorial! I love the fabric and the adorable!
    Sherrie K

  5. Wonderful ! The covers look so sumptuous with the fleece batting - such a great idea! Jennie x

  6. Fantastic project and tutorial Autumn!!! Thanks a lot for the idea!
    Your mini-book of tags looks already gorgeous, with all the fibers and ribbons... beautiful.
    Happy to be back here on stamps and Stencils! :) xx

  7. Fabulous idea, Autumn!! I would love to make something like this, thank for tutorial and inspiration.

  8. really lovely idea - great tutorial Autumn ...thanks xx