Thursday, 12 April 2018

Funky Foam Stamps and Gelli play

Hi, Ruth here with an inspiration post all about making your own foam stamps and using them with a Gelli or Gel Press plate. For those of you who might follow my instagram posts you'll be aware that I joined in with a daily challenge in March set by the very talented Birgit Koopsen. It was all about getting to know your Gelli plate following daily prompts.....I can highly recommend it, so many fab techniques and inspiring posts by other creatives. I definitely got hooked on using my Gelli plate and one of my favourite prompts was all about making your own foam stamps.

I used funky foam which had an adhesive backing and I got lots out of one sheet which cost about £1. I cut them freehand and found the organic nature of these very effective when using with a gelli plate, the 'rougher' the better. The first few I made I stuck to cardboard but then remembered I had some wooden blocks that I'd salvaged from old fashioned rubber stamps that I didn't use anymore so they got a new lease of life.

I also used some heat moldable foam which I've had for years.

I was so inspired I made a short video that I shared on's less than a minute long (it has to be for instagram) and I thought I'd share it here.

I now have lots and lots of background papers that will form the basis of my cards this year...and I can't stop making even more papers. Here are a selection of them.

I also used another fab prompt on this one - egg boxes!

A tag this time, I love the way the foam removes some of the paint

Lovely mix of green paints on the Gelli plate

Once dried I added a thin layer of pearlescent green

before pulling the print.

Such a variety of prints

Another version using the leaf and circles stamps

These last 2 cards used the moldable foam impressions I made. First I enhanced the buttons theme

lastly I added some splashes of gold to this pearlescent painted paper.

I hope I may have inspired you to have a go at making some foam stamps..... and getting to know your Gelli plate is highly recommended!! There is plenty of time to join in with our 'In the Meadow' challenge this month and as always thanks for stopping by. Ruth x


  1. Absolutely fabulous Ruth ! Love the foam stamps and the Gelli prints you've pulled are gorgeous ! Sue C x

  2. I had so much fun watching you pull prints all month long and was thrilled that you won a prize for your efforts. Now to see them come full circle into completed project, I'm amazed! I just have to get more time to experiment with printing. I cleaned my table off last weekend, so maybe it's calling me to get messy! ;0 Hugs, Autumn

  3. Fantastic technique Ruth and absolutely stunning results! Love your handmade stamps!
    Lula xx

  4. Such a wonderful post Ruth xx Love the background you created and will certainly have a play

    Best wishes to you and the DT
    Annie xx

  5. a wonderful post Ruth - super inspiration indeed! Love it xx

  6. Fantastic post Ruth ! Love your printing blocks and the fabulous prints you made with them. So many good ideas and a super little video Too ! 🌞X

  7. Love your funky handcut stamps, and you've just reminded me that I've got some of that heat-mouldable foam somewhere tucked away too. I think the green clover card is my favourite, but they all look great.
    Alison x