Thursday 31 August 2017

Another oldie - shrink plastic!

Hello there! I have a simple post to share with you today - a reminder of another old technique that I always forget to use....I am talking about using shrink plastic! For the uninititated this is a sort of plastic that shrinks on heating - either by use of a heat gun or the oven. Here's what I did....

I started by stamping onto the rough side of the shrink plastic. I used Archival ink but staz on would also work fine. At this point you could add colour - its best to use pencils and only colour lightly as the colour intensifies on shrinking. Because my stamp was relatively small Ididn't colour at all.

Next I did some fussy cutting and then put the stamped images onto a baking tray and put into a preheated oven at 190 degrees took a mximum of 30 seconds. Larger stamps would take longer.

This is how they look when shrunk. Really tiny!!!

I decided to use my shrunked leaves to form part of a card. I used a stencil from clarity and one from that special touch to create the idea of a window and wall. I stamped a chocolate baroque stamp in the window and added the ivy.

I hope you agree that shrink plastic is worth another look!

Big hugs

Rachel xx


  1. Thanks for the tutorial Rachel, great idea

  2. I never tire of seeing amazing shrink art! Great project Rachel! Hugs, Autumn

  3. Oh I do LOVE shrink plastic, I never tire of seeing is shrink down. Love your project Rachel and thanks for the tutorial! Hugs, Anne xx

  4. I do love shrink plastic, and your project is perfect Rachel, a very lovely card here with it! Thanks for all the reminders.
    Hugs, Coco x

  5. Lovely tutorial - I haven't used shrink plastic since I was a kid, but this reminds me how much fun it used to be!
    Alison x

  6. That's great Rachel ! Love those little ivy leaves xx

  7. Beautiful project Rachel, the leaves are so cute ! I too am a fan of Shrink Plastic, i've not used it for ages but I love it when the magic happens ! Sue C x

  8. The ivy leaves are definitely cute and so effective around the frame, great project, always love the results with shrink plastic. Hugs Ruth xx